Welcome to our Affiliate Program. If you are a blogger or you have a business online, you can sign-up to our programm that offers the 50% of our earnings. We love to help our customers to make a living with our WordPress themes.

We suggest to read our FAQs, then just click here to Opt-in.


How it works?

Once you start sharing your unique link, it will cookie customers when they visit the link. As long as a customer purchases a product within 60 days of visiting the referral link, you will get credit for the sale.

When I will be paid?

Affiliate commissions are sent within 20 days from the end of the month. So if you earned a commission in September, then you will be paid out by October 20th.

Can I buy one of your themes using my own affiliate link?

No, you aren’t allowed to earn commissions on your own purchases. Even if you are notified that you earned a commission, you won’t receive it if we’ll detect that buyer and affiliate have the same IP or e-mail address.

Can I use Pankogut’s name in a domain name?

No, you aren’t allowed to use Pankogut name in a domain, only in a subdomain like pankogut.yourdomain.com

Can I promote my affiliate link on Social Networks?

Yes, you can but spam links that include an obscured affiliate link and undisclosed affiliate links are prohibited.

I didn’t find an answer to my dubt

You can contact us via form.